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Internet Service provider network are under intense pressure to transform their networks to meet the challenges by growth in demand for bandwidth and broadband services by wireline subscribers and the solutions is vBNG


BRAS / vBRAS - Broadband Remote Access Server

DANDY vBNG Features:

10G / 40G / 100G Intel and Broadcom ethernet supports.
Supports PPPoE.
Radius authentication and accounting.
Bare Metal Deployment on Intel Xeon base server.
ISO base installation.
Inbuild LOG Generator - Netflow v9 and IPFIX
CLI interface to configure and overview.

Web GUI for monitoring statics.
IPv6 Dual Stack 

BNG Supported hardware.jpeg

vBNG Server specification / requirements

vBNG provides subscriber management services and supports all common BNG access features such as PPPoE, subscriber traffic policing and shaping, and CGNAT, vBNG delivers good performance and scalability, while also reducing capital and operating expenses. vBNG helps broadband providers benefit from the flexibility of a virtualized solution, It integrates with almost all carrier grade OSS / BSS solutions. It simplify everyday ISP operations.

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