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Optical Network Unit

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ONT stands for Optical Network Terminal. ONU stands for Optical Network Unit.

ONT and ONU both are consumer end equipment in an optical fiber to the home network link. ONT is an ITU-T term, and ONU is an IEEE term.

ITU-T and IEEE are two different telecommunication standards.


In FTTH network, the ONT/ONU is located at customer premises. The purpose of ONT and ONU is to use optical fiber to connect to the passive optical network (PON) and communicate with Internet service provider to get an Internet connection. Buy Huawei ONU Online in India


The standard nouns in FTTH are :

FTTH: fiber to the home,

FTTO: fiber to the office,

FTTB: fiber to the building,

OLT: Optical line terminal,

ODN: Optical wiring network,

ONU: Optical network unit,

ONT: Optical network terminal.


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