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Fiber-optic patch cord

A fiber-optic patch cord is a fiber-optic cable capped at either end with connectors that allow it to be rapidly and conveniently connected to CATV / ISP, an optical switch or other telecommunication equipment. Its thick layer of protection is used to connect the optical transmitter, receiver, and the terminal box. This is known as interconnect-style cabling.

General characteristics

Fiber optic patch cords are characterized by

Low insertion loss;

High return loss;

Good repeatability;

Good interchange;

Excellent environmental adaptability.


A fiber optic patch cord is constructed from a core with a high refractive index, surrounded by a coating with a low refractive index, that is strengthened by aramid yarns and surrounded by a protective jacket. Transparency of the core permits transmission of optic signals with little loss over great distances. The coating's low refractive index reflects light back into the core, minimizing signal loss. The protective aramid yarns and outer jacket minimizes physical damage to the core and coating.

Transmission medium

Single-mode fiber is generally yellow, with a blue connector, and a longer transmission distance. Multi-mode fiber is generally orange or grey, with a cream or black connector, and a shorter transmission distance.

Connector construction

Connector design standards include SC, LC, Cables are classified by the connectors on either end of the cable; some of the most common cable configurations include SC-SC, and SC-LC.

Core cover

The connector's inserted core cover conforms to APC, UPC, or PC configuration.[2] An UPC inserted core cover is flat and is used in SARFT and early CATV. An APC connector's inserted core cover is oblique (about 30°, ±5°) To reduce the back reflection of a connector, UPC polish is used. Industry standard is a minimum of −40 dB for PC back reflection measurement and −50 dB for UPC back reflection measurement. If even less back reflection is required, an APC might be necessary. An APC connector has an 8º angle cut into the ferrule. These connectors are identifiable by their green color. An APC polished connector has an Industry Standard Minimum of −60 dB measurement. APC fiber ends have low back reflection even when disconnected.

Bend insensitive fiber optic patch cord

Bend insensitive fiber patch cord is widely used in FTTH. The fiber is not sensitive to stress and bending. Single mode bend insensitive fibers include G657A1, G657A2, G657B2, and G657B3


Patch cables are used for connections to CATV (Cable Television), Internet Service Provider, Switches, Routers, telecommunication networks, computer fiber networks and fiber test equipment. Applications include communication rooms, FTTH (Fiber to The Home), LAN (Local Area Network), FOS (fiber optic sensor), Fiber Optic Communication System, Optical fiber connected and transmitted equipment, Defense combat readiness, etc.

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